WebQuest – Creating a Quest for Learners

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I always thought that ‘WebQuest’ was a specific software. I didn’t realize is was more of a structure of an activity. I was glad to find this out though because I had a vague notion of a really outdated looking website being somehow related to a WebQuest. I don’t know where I got that idea.

I really like the structure of a WebQuest. I think its a great way to focus learners on a particular topic and provide them with everything they need to learn about the topic and practice what they’ve learned in one place.

For my WebQuest, I used the idea of teaching faculty how to build accessible documents and how to check them for their accessibility standards. I am in the midst of training faculty for our transition from Moodle to Canvas and accessibility is a hugely important part of faculty moving over their materials to the new system. But accessibility does not just apply to online learning, it applies to literally everything, especially when you work for a community college district that prides itself on equity and open access.

So I knew that while accessibility needs to be covered in LMS training, it can also be covered on its own as a stand alone training. And I also didn’t want faculty thinking that the only time they need to think about accessibility is when they are in the LMS. They should be adhering to accessiblity principles in all of their work. So this is why I wanted to use this subject for my WebQuest. I wanted to give faculty an accessibility activity that would teach them how to use accessibility and I wanted to be able to have it live within another training or stand on its own.

And that is the beauty of the ‘WebQuest’. Its a great way to break a students’ learning becuase it can feel like a completely different format or activity from what they were working on before, but it is condense enough that it can be housed in a bigger lesson.

Plus, the word ‘quest’ is just cool. Sending students on a quest through some valuable knowledge and the testing that knowledge before they can finish the quest. Very cool.

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