Concept Mapping, Not Planning

concept map about catsI sat down to start putting together my concept map and for my topic I chose my impending wedding. I started with the general questions I needed to figure out and then plugged in some more specific items that needed to be done. After a few minutes though, I remembered the need for prepositions between items. I looked at the list I had and realized this was not what this assignment was for.

A concept map can be used as a planning tool, but for the sake of education, concept maps should be used as a tool for students to process and synthesize complicated content to be sure they understand everything. Creating a concept map of a subject just learned will reveal areas of confusion or misunderstanding.

Students will not find their misunderstandings in simply connecting idea bubbles together, but in determining why two idea bubbles are connected. This where students will not only be able to review what they’ve learned, but also guide their own learning by getting help with areas they need help with. Its interesting to me how one tweak to my idea of a concept map, adding prepositions to the connections, changes the value of the activity all together.

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