Computational Thinking – Thinking Like a Computer


Computational Thinking is often talked about through the lens of K-12 education, but it has value for community college students as well.

Many community college students do not have the appropriate technology skills for a post-secondary environment. Many of them have not grown up using technology, or computers, regularly enough they would be considered digital natives. Because of this lack of familiarity, many community college students do not see the power that computers offer and that they themselvesĀ  have the potential to harness that power.

Computational Thinking, whether taught in computer science, multimedia, or accounting courses, sends the same message to students: You are powerful and you can create useful things. That may sound like a stretch, but for many underrepresented groups in the technology sector, like women or minorities, this can be a eye-opening message. This message alone can present students with career paths or fields of study that believed were previously not available to them.

I know that I would not now be an Instructional Technologist if I had not taken a first step into coding on Codecademy. Realizing that I could make a website, someone who was not a fan of math and science in school, shifted my perspective and allowed me the space and confidence to move in a different direction. A direction I would not have known was there had I not taken my first step into computational thinking.

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