Portfolio Project: Reverse Engineer BBC Homepage


For the CSS portion of Rob Percival’s The Complete Web Developer Course, we were asked to reverse engineer the BBC website. The website looks much different now than it did when Rob made the course and even different from when I completed this project, so there was some choice about which version to follow. I also want to challenge myself to be creative in these projects rather than following the project step by step.

So my project turned out to be a hybrid of the old site, the new one and the concept I made up along the way. The concept I made up was a news website geared toward female empowerment in the technology industry. It was challenging and fun, of course. It was a review like the HTML project, but I needed the refresher and I did pick up a few new things.

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Portfolio Project: HTML Only Library Facts Website


Something that I didn’t mention in my post about How I Fell Into Art Journaling was that art was not the only thing that I discovered during those weird and uncertain years of my life. I also discovered that I have an incredibly nerdy love of coding thanks to Codecademy.

I still love to code and I am continuing my ‘homemade’ coding education with Rob Percival‘s Complete Web Developer Course on Udemy. So far, I am loving the course and Rob’s e-book, which comes free with the course. His e-book actually has great concrete tips for making money for your coding talents and I love that idea (since I’m currently putting myself through grad school!).

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